Why not?

What if you threw an apocalypse and no one came? I mean, you really put you heart and soul into hyping the destruction of the universe, and no one noticed.

You’d do what you always do, go out, have a little champagne and toast the first day of the rest of your years.

Predictions for a new Millennium.

  1. Purists will insist on celebrating it next year.
  2. Pragmatists will celebrate it both years. (Like me)
  3. Journalists both online and otherwise will engage in major futurist predictions and navel gazing. Roughly 1/10 of the predictions will be recognizably accurate. Navel gazers will end up annoying the rest of us.
  4. The world will continue to surprise and dismay us, Surprise us of the variety and progress that can be made, dismay us with history version 3.0.
  5. Freedom == prosperity. (Free speech, not free beer) Communites that become or remain free will be prosperous. The world is more free now than it has been since the dawn of civilization with the most dramatic changes occuring in the last century.
  6. Humans have a non zero probablilty of wiping themselves out before the end of the next millennium. Rest assured that ultimately, we will be our own worst enemy. Give any species enough rope…
  7. The earth will still be here a millennium from now.

So I ask for forgiveness for the past, and likewise grant forgiveness to those who ask. Lets not visit the sins of the father any more, but rather concentrate on the possibilities of the present. Be vigilant of evil, appreciative of art, and protective of freedom. And hope that we don’t repeat too many mistakes of history.

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