Issues Resolved

My connection issues have been resolved. link to larger spiderweb
I now have at least 75K/sec download speed to my house (from akamai, peak dinner hours), and it looks like my peak rate is 1.5mbps, as reported from speakeasy.

***Mmmmmm bandwidth.

I ordered this service on 3-23, and now on 4-11 it is installed. Not bad for getting a new line installed without a normal landline phone to replace the one that flashcom (evil isp, avoid them) cut off instead of transfering.

Now I’ll see if Speakeasy’s service is the type that I pay for and forget about. If I don’t notice it, it’s doing its job. So far I’ve gotten 8 emails from them, including: one bill, one TOS, one DSL tips page, one welcome, and two notices that they’re taking the email server down for hardware upgrades. So I’m informed, not concerned, and I know that I won’t have 7 months of bills come at once. So far so good.

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