No Energy Left

Sometimes, if the wind is going just the right way, and you get into the pocket of air behind a screaming eighteen-wheeler, you don’t even have to poon it. The vacuum, like a mighty hoover, just sucks you in. You can stay there all day. But if you screw up, you suddenly find yourself alone and powerless in the left lane of a highway with a convoy of semis right behind you. Just as bad, if you give in to its power, it will suck you right into its mudflaps, you will become axle dressing, and no one will ever know. This is called the Magic Hoover Poon. It reminds Y.T. of the way her life has been since that fateful night of the Hiro Protagonist pizza adventure.     From Snow Crash — Neal Stephenson

It’s the way my life has been since I started seriously programming. And now, I’m so far into a project that I can’t think about anything else till it ships. 4 days. (I hope)

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