I think I’m a little too wired into the programming thing. My electronic life is
leaking into the rest of my life, and it worries me a bit. In the
programming world, I’ve determined that languages are easy to pick up, but
familiarity with the APIs are where the work is.

Yesterday I was going to a different grocery store than I normally do. My
current default grocery store is undergoing renovations; moving items
around and dropping 4 or 5 products that I usually buy. I had been
to this other one once before, and I wasn’t very impressed at the time.

This time, I looked at it, noticed a better wine section, better bulk teas,
and thought, ‘Ok, the API is different but better.’ I’ve got to change
API’s anyway, I might as well evaluate which one will be the easiest to go
up the learning curve.

Stores know about this. They design their layout to be comfortable enough that the shoppers know where things are, and that they feel a bit out of place if they go anywhere else. I was at the point where I could do a full shopping run in half an hour. But now that I don’t know where anything is, all of the stores are on equal footing again. (Except for Safeway, whos privacy policy annoys me)

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