Back on the Track

I’m back on the velodrome, and things are about where I left them. A month ago, I had a bit of a wreck during a race out there, and between recovering from that and enduring the rain, I haven’t raced in a month.

It was good to get back out there. I’m still not really in shape to be in contention, as I was dropped like a rock in the first race about 2 laps from the end.

The second race picked up where that one left off, and I was dropped 2 laps into a 4×3 points race (4 sprints, every three laps, it’s a 3 mile race.) Got a good time trial workout in that race though.

The last race was pretty similar. A 5×3 Win and Out, where the winner of each sprint wins that place and gets to quit the race. My experience was the same as it ever was, so I pulled up and jumped back into the pack at a lap down. This was more fun, since by the time I had warmed up, the fastest three riders were out and the pack was sort of fractured. For a few laps I was in the pack, dealing with the jitters of a cat 4 field with new track riders on the first race back from a wreck. It felt good to get over that hurdle.

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