Track Again

Out on the track again. Got shelled again.

On the bright side, I wasn’t the first person pulled from the miss and out, but on the not so bright side, I just don’t have the ooomph to be in the pack when the speed picks up. It’s like I’m racing in my own little time warp, reacting to attacks about half a lap after they take place. Pack jumps, Get gapped, pack pulls away, I get up to speed, pack slows down eventually, I get back on just in time for the pack to jump again.

I think that this is the difference between fitness and residual fitness. I have enough residual fitness to get out for a couple of laps, but past that I’m racing against people who have actually trained this year. And that’s not the most successful way to do it.

The view fom the drive home was almost worth the whole trip. Westbound on 520, going over the floating bridge on a clear evening. Ruddy orange glow behind the dark purple teeth of the Olympics. Skies turning to dark blue over my head and behind me. Wind in my hair. Did I mention that this requires a convertable for full effect?

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