Northwest Recipie

From Friday’s dinner party:

Salmon with Summer Fruit Salsa.

2lbs Salmon
1 nectarine
1 peach
1/2 lemon for juice
1 tbsp brown sugar
little bit of fresh cilantro, minced
touch of hot pepper
one bottle Pinot Gris

The idea behind this is to have a spicy hot/sweet/tangy flavor to go with a firm salmon base. I’ve always been a fan of the spicy hot and sweet combination that you get from some Carribiean cuisines, and this is an attempt to do it without overwhelming the salmon flavor.

Dice the peach and nectarine into 1/4-1/2 inch chunks. Add everything but salmon in a glass bowl and refrigerate for an hour or so. When you’re ready to grill salmon, put salmon in aluminum foil, add fruit salsa, and seal. Put on grill and cook till not overdone. Turn a couple of times. (with 1.5″ thick salmon, it was about 10 minutes total on a fire that you can hold your hand over for a couple of seconds)

Eat immediately with a nice well chilled Pinot Gris. (I went for a 1998 Chateau St. Michelle Pinot Gris, but any good Oregon or Washington pinot gris would work. Willakenzie, Erath Vinyards, and Adelshiem Vinyards are all good.)

In all honesty, you don’t need to grill the salmon, the same method will work in an oven. But salmon is a summer fish, and who wants to turn on an oven in the summer?

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