The good news is that I’ve figured out how to speed up Bladeenc.

The bad news is that it took a inkling that I should be compiling for my processor, figuring out that the default compiler installed with redhat 6.2 is too old to support optimization for k6-2’s, downloading, compiling and installing the latest gcc, hacking the config scripts for bladeenc to use the -march=k6 directive, and recompiling.

All for a 70% speed increase. Mp3’s now encode at 1.2x. Still way slower than my iMac (3.5x). Still light years behind my g4 (7x).

So the next question is: how many other things should be compiled with pentium/k6 optimization? The kernel? Apache? Php? What about X and all the other things that I’ve installed as binaries?

Talk about a time sink.

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