Did the Bumbershoot thing yesterday. It’s at least as inspiring as a quick tour through Napster for digging out old music that you wouldn’t otherwise listen to.

Or to catch up on artists that you just can’t get enough of.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Unbelievable. Remember them on Paul Simon’s Graceland Album? Well, they can sing like that live, while high stepping and doing other Zulu dances. Their sound is as rich, layered and accurate as it is when it’s recorded and produced by the best in the business. They sang for a little more than an hour, starting with some items off of their Shaka Zulu album. Their final song was introduced as a way for the audience to learn Zulu. The lead singer then went through some sylables that are etched in my mind (which I am completely at a loss to spell) that begin Homeless. (from Graceland) This was the sort of concert where everyone is silent during the performance so that nothing is missed. That hour was worth the entire price of admission.

Omar Torrez Band – Regular readers know that I think Omar is one of the better local acts around. He does a mean live show, and this time he brought dancers. Brazillian apparently. Hopefully I’ll have pictures soon. Omar seems to like his new guitar, Jesse is getting better with the funky parts of the bass lines, and the new keyboardist had some good solos too. Of course, Aurturo was holding down the percussion duties, and there was yet another drummer. They have a new album coming soon. Look for them in a club near you.

Teatro Cirque Flambe – Wild fire play with euro techo soundtrack, An incredible tightrope act who wore a very small little black dress, and two gymnasts doing an erotic routine on a 30 foot tall 1 foot wide rope like curtain. They wrapped themselves in it, and climbed over each other. Sometimes it looked as if there was only one precarious hand hold between the gymnast and falling. Had to bee seen to be believed. There were some pics in the seattle PI, but they apparently didn’t make it into the online version.

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