Late Night Happy Drunk Music

Another night, another concert. This time, the Paperboys CD release party at the Tractor Tavern. I’ve been going to their shows for 5 years now, long enough to see 3 of the 6 members move on to other projects. Of course, they’ve got other musicians filling out the spots now.

This is easily one of the best concerts I’ve heard from them. In the top three. They were obviously jazzed to have the album out, the audience was into it, and they played 5 songs as an encore. It was tight, and it was live, it was incredible.

They snagged the rhythm section from Omar Torrez (Tom Johnsen and Aurturo Rodriguez) for this show. Their bassist (Tobin Frank) played with speed and authority, always key for me. Lolly showed up for a guest stint on the drums.

And how can you not like the second band of the weekend that uses the term ‘Sociable!’

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