Playing with the Aggregator

I’m playing with the aggregator, not messing with the kid. Started with the idea of “wouldn’t it be interesting…” and “I wonder how hard that would be…” and a night and a half later, I have some database datamodels, some php xml-rpc, and some RU/Frontier static website generated php interface code.

And it worked!

Well, there was a little hacking of RU reqired, the 4 rpc wrappers don’t have the path preference wired through, and the song script appears to be hard wired to ourFavoriteSongs.com. But that’s a minor price to pay, since I already change code that can be clobbered by updates for other reasons. Coming soon, linux side source and RU patches.

So the next move is to replicate Jessamyn’s “Jessamyn is in…” box, updating automatically with what I’m listening to and if I’m at home, work, or not paying attention to the net. With automatic hiding of what I’m listening to if it’s a guilty pleasure.

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