More on the Occupation

Ok. I’m happy for all of you. You’ve made your point.

Now go the hell home, and stop bothering us. If you want to continue making a point, practice what you’re preaching. Stop wearing Nike’s and claiming you’re an anarchist. Stop throwing stuff at the police and claiming that you’re excercising your right to free assembly.

The 5 helicopters for the ‘little year WTO’ after protests were annoying. Attracting the droning, minnow like aircraft to neighborhoods were people are trying to have a life.

But there had to be a bomb threat at the Starbucks near my office (Olive & Summit). While you’re having your little impotent political brain fart, the rest of the neighborhood is trying to actually do something useful with our lives.

I’ve never set foot in that Starbucks before, but I might do it now, just to piss you off. Imagine, making a political statement through everyday activity.

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