New Year for Racing

Cleaned up the road bike and went out for my first race of the season last night. All in all, I’m pleased.

It was a nice ride, a beautiful evening, and a reasonable performance. I got dropped by the pack about a third of the way into the race, and got lapped right at the bell.

I was expecting to go around the course a few times, then expire. Mainly because the course is basically one climb, one sharp turn, sprint out of the corner, then go downhill in one long sweeping curve till the climb again. Once you’re far enough the back to not contact the bunching leading into the sharp turn you’re really off the back. It’s just so much easier for the pack to coast downhill at 35 than for you to coast alone at 30.

Track season starts in a month.

That’s going to be fun, especially if I’m in shape.

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