PicsPicker Updates

10/25/01 – 10am
Fix for the sitename bug that Raymond Yee found.

8/12/01 – 9pm
Added a random image macro: picsPickerMacros.randomImage(strImageList, metadataField=”numRandom”, border=0). If the numRandom field is included via metadata, then the specified number of random images will be shown. If not, then one will be chosen from the list.

The Linked Image macro now will link to the bare picture if the user doesn’t have access to the discussion group and the target is a picture.

5/14/01 – 5pm
Fixed a bug where the special macros in the image gallery and next prev templates would be turned into html entities.

5/14/01 – 4pm
Fixed a bug in the imageGallery and nextPrevLinks macros where they would have errors when called from a storyreader url.

5/11/01 – 4pm
Added the picsPickerData.prefs.databases table, since the installer looks for that to add the database to user.databases.

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