Two Musicals

It’s been a 2 musical weekend. Friday night – Jason Webley returns. Saturday, it’s Moulin Rouge.

Jason Webley staged a performance death last Halloween, went into hiding, and has started to reappear in the last couple of weeks. He’s got some new material with a little bit of a new sound, but it seems to be the classic Webley. After half an hour on stage spent getting out of the coffin, opening the accordion case, passing out the presents, he leaves out the stage door and comes in the front door. Carrying a shovel, drumstick, and Tibetian bells.

The first song had some of the best shovel playing that I’ve ever heard. not that I can ever remember hearing anyone play the shovel before. The place was packed; enthusiastically singing along to the familiar favorites and appreciating the newer stuff. And most of the cowrd stayed around for a piece of the large tomato shaped birthday cake. In many ways, it was both the same as always and a completely new experience at the same time.

Moulin Rouge had a similar feel. I’ve seen the parts before, but the assemblage was all new. The cinematography felt like Snatch; jump cuts and quick zoom effects. The music is familar, but warped into a techno rendition of the originals. Imagine a sea of old men in tuxedos surrounding a core of dancing girls singing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Of course, there’s Nicole Kidman singing ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ to the visuals of the ‘Material Girl’ video. The presentation can be a bit overbearing when they mix three plot threads and top volume music.

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