Golden Gardens Solstice

There was a drum jam, beach burn, and general party for the summer solstice at Golden Gardens Thursday night. I’ve never seen the place quite so packed. Cars were parked Everywhere. Those little dots, those are people. We were parked 1/2 mile away.

Lots of people on the beach. Just about sunset

Lots of drums. Probably 20 or 30 of them at the peak.

The drum circle, in twilight.

Quite a sunset. If only there was a little less pollution. Well, then there wouldn’t be quite the colors.

Fire on the ground, fire in the sky

Those are the Olympics on the horizon to the left. This is looking roughly northwest. It’s always a trip to see the sun set so far to the north.

More fires

Banging on the bongos like a … oh well, whatever. nevermind.

The cloud that looks like the cover of a Dire Straits album.

After it got darker, the fire was most of the light. I was almost out of battery so no flash pictures. Plus, flash pictures just don’t look right to me. Oh for an asa 1600 digital camera…

The main drum circle

A cardboard SUV just plunged into the fire. Good place for it.

Dancers, after the fire was stoked

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