Contemplate the Sky

Pike Place Market, a little after 3pm. In the southen sky.

Something's in the air at Pike Place Market

A few people knew what they were looking at. 10 people or so.

There's still something in the air at pike place market.

Many tourists didn’t. I wonder if people would have understood if there was a hat to pass around?

Some people are looking for the meaning of it all.

When in the southern sky, appeared nothing. Blue sky. No birds, no planes, no blimps. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find nothing to look at when we are surrounded by so many somethings.

Sometimes blue sky is the most amazing thing of all.

Some heard that they were looking at nothing, but looked anyway. Some required others to tell them what they could see if they looked. Others moved on to look at the next scheduled scenic photo opportunity. In nothing, there was stilllness in the activity of the market. In nothing, there was a deep blue sky. In nothing, there was peace.

In nothing there was something.

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