Look Sis, No Wires…

It’s been a good day.

A major functional and workflow change to my work app took 30 or 40 lines of code to implement the backend core functionality. Of course, it was 40 well placed lines of code. The interface still needs a complete rewrite to explain and exploit all of the cool new functionality. Pluggable tools are a good thing. I really dig being able to look at a problem and solve it with a minimum of code bloat.

My unix boxes took a hammering and kept on going without missing a beat. Including saving a copy of 1.5 gigs of data in one image of Frontier/OSX, while serving this website off of another frontier image on the same machine. This site survived.

I picked up an airport card and base station on the way home. It worked the first time. So now I’m surfing and writing the web from a comfy chair and iBook on the porch. No wires, No Problem. This is the way laptops are supposed to work.

Night is slowly falling, the clouds are turning pink; the sky deep blue.

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