I keep asking questions about OSX for capabilities that I want to see. So, the iFAQ. Unfortunately, since they’re my questions, I don’t have answers yet.

  • IPSEC? I know that it’s in the darwin source tree, but it is not enabled by default. It would be really nice to be able to use it for transport level security out of the box.
  • Cocoa looks cool. Is there an xml-rpc library that’s easily accessible? There could be some interesting uses for this…
  • I’d like to change keyboard layouts. I remember in System 6&7 having resources that I could mess with in resedit to change the behavior of keyboards. In particular, I’d like to map the capslock key on the standard usb keyboard to control. I have one ADB keyboard with this configuration, and I really like it. I also remember from resource hacking that the capslock key was the one key that was different from all the others.
  • I’d also like emacs shortcut keys in as many places as possible. I seem to remember reading about a hack like this somewhere.
  • And I’d like drivers for a kritter-cam

*** Update 3/4/2002.

Well, no ipsec yet, no ipv6, and no kritter cam yet. But, there’s a page of keyboard hacks including caps lock – control remapping and messing with the keyboard dictionary mapping files.

There is a cocoa xmlrpc library, but I’m having trouble building it.

3/6 isn’t that bad, overall.

*** Update 5/2002

Ipsec will be in 10.2, jaguar. I’m anxiously awaiting that release, as it is supposed to get much faster as well.

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