The Thin Veil

According to legend, the veil between worlds is the thinnest around Halloween. Passages between the worlds draw wakes from one to the other.

Mine is the world of light and darkness, one where rationality is the order of the day. The other side is the chaotic mix of irrationality, shades of grey and color that mix in no predictable pattern. So it is that the world of light and darkness is getting swrils of fractal color thrown off by people leaping the boundary of rationality.

I’ve seen things lately that have only previously been the domain of dreamers, artists, and authors. Patterns of events ring of cyberpunk, nanopunk, or simply the dark rantings of a street musician.

Raven’s goal was to nuke the US through the minds of the hackers and a modern infestation of an ancient religion. The hardest part of writing about a nanotech future is envisioning a scenario where everyone isn’t dead. It’s very difficult to get educated westerners to pull together. An education is a thin defense against a large number of well armed peasants. There is a nodal point in the dataflow around here somewhere, a point where the flow changes and congregates. A ship of maniacs with knives play blackjack with our lives. Beware the ides of March, for the worst comes not at the darkest, but when you can just taste the light.

Fiction can paint a bleak picture of the future. Perhaps a storyteller will come through and fight the dragon as our avatar. Perhaps the worlds will receede back into themselves. Or perhaps the winter of out happiness will be prolonged by a late, dark spring.

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