OsX on Ancient Equipment

I’ve got OSX running on a G4 as a testbed. Unfortunately, I’ve got more machines than decent monitors, so I pull one out of the vault. A ca. 1989 21″ fixed frequency grayscale , 1152x870x75hz. The G4 and OSX recognize the pixels and frequency, even that the monitor only supports 256 ‘colors’.

But is there a way to make it support 256 grays? This is a throwback … waaaaay back. I wouldn’t worry too much, except that a lot of window backgrounds in the Finder and MSIE are all black on this monitor.

I’m just realizing that this monitor is smaller in pixels than a tiBook.

*** Cartoon Violence

I want to see a movie. Preferably tonight, but I’ll be patient. I want to see cartoon style violence against the telecom industry, something that shakes them to the core, scares them, and when they are just at the brink of expiration, have the Telecom Ranger and his trusty sidekick Clue Boy ride in and restructure to save the day. (ummm, perhaps it’s already on cnnfn, but I digress)

I want the telcos ripped to the core and rebuilt by people with a clue. I’d settle for the customer service reps with a clue, but if they could dole a few out to the billing department that would be acceptable too. So far, of the 5 dsl connections I’ve had at home or work, Every single one of them has had billing issues. 4 of them major, one of them minor and in my favor and I didn’t even notice (not sure how that happened). In two cases, they didn’t bill anyone for the connection for more than 6 months.

Episode 1 Broadband Wars: The Phantom Installer
Episode 2: Send in the CSRs
Episode 3: TBA
Episode 4: The Wireless Rebellion: A New Hope
Episode 5: Revenge of the Billing Department
Episode 6: Return of the Techie

Save us 802.11, you’re our only hope!

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