The Impossible

If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the cause. And it’s probably your fault.

I’ve been chasing a timeout bug, after a server move. I had ruled out every possibility. It’s not physical, not the application, not the client, seems to depend on the browser, but not terribly reliably.

Of course it’s my fault. A setting that wasn’t updated. Causing queries to a private network to fail, since that private network is on another part of the internet.

You should try it too, Some days I can believe six impossible things before breakfast.

*** War Too…

Product Differentiation for ‘Technical Reasons’ is politics by other means. I had to listen to market droid explanations of why Quest DSL is not able to extend as far as Covads (because covad uses amplified curcuits). I’ve made plenty of technical decisions in my time; if there are two options it all gets back to money or politics. In this case, probably of the form: more range or less cost?

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