A short break….

Sorry for the short break. I picked up the Lord of the Rings on Saturday, and I’m at about 900 of 1100 pages into it. Yes, it’s the first time I’ve gotten into it.

*** Why I’m not a CSR

Don’t tell a customer on the phone that this is “a hideous hack”, but it should work. They don’t like hearing those words.

*** Why I don’t like CSRs

(Twice) On the phone today, dealing with a balky DSL installation I had variations of this conversation:

Them: What operating system are you using?
Me: Macos 9.
Them: What version of Windows? What does it say when you ….

The horror. The horror.

At least I didn’t have to explain the linux box on the other connection. Not sure how they’d deal with “Debian Potato” as an operating system.

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