I Hate Hardware

I hate computer hardware. Especially flakey computer hardware.
Most especially, I hate flakey hardware that has been in use just long enough to accumulate a bit of important data (say 8 hours), that dies
2 hours before your regularly scheduled friendly backup.

I just want it to work. Let me get on with the interesting things in life, and not worry about this ide connector seating improperly, or if the jumper is wrong, or if Murphy decides to randomly zap a drive.

Btw, the drive noise of the day is “Clunk [pause] Clunk [pause] Clunk”. That’s the sound of 40 gigs of space that’s not there. Or maybe it’s the sound of one head clapping.

I do like some hardware. I like the toys. I like the blinkeyleds. I really like the blinkeyleds.

Das Blinkenlights

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