Who’s on first

I want to rename some of my servers.

Who is on first. Rather, Who is the server I want to rename first. What would be second. He’s running the whois server.
I don’t know about the third. Perhaps cabbage.

Why? I don’t know. Third base!

(hey abbot!)

Then again, maybe the frantic phone calls that would result aren’t really what I want.

Me: Who is Down!
Them: What?
Me: No who. What is up.
Them: You Called. You said a machine is down.
Me: Yes. Who is down.
Them: Fine, you freak, you deal with it.
Me: I lost it a long time ago.
Them: No Comment.

Of course, the real server got renamed from “web server” to potato and yam. Potato is a B&W g3 running OSX. Yam is the designated ip address for apache on potato. Not to be confused with the other machines in the office running Debian Potato. They are named after green vegatables.

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