Latest Manila Wishlist

More things that I’m wishing were in manila.

  • A callback in manilasuite.news.formatNewsItem to allow a plugin to take over rendering individual news items. (I’d like to take over completely, but I could see wanting a post callback to add more functionality/fields to the current version)
  • A web interface to set an arbitrary shortcut for a site. (e.g. “foo” = “The FooBar Corp(r)(tm)”. This is pluginable, but the interface for shortcuts would then be spread over two different pages and links in the editors bar.
  • Smart expiration times on images. I’ve got images that are a year old, yet are still loaded for every page view, since Manila says that they exipred in 1910. This would also make them play nicely with a squid cache. (I’d say that for images that were edited today, retain the same behavior. >1 day old -> 1 day expiration). This should also extend to mainresponder icons.
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