Light on the water

After living with a digital camera (Cannon Digital Elph, S-100) for a year and a half, I have a short list of what I want in my next one.

  • Better low light performance. ASA 100 (f2.8-4.0) barely cuts it outside in Seattle, and I have artistic objections to using the flash. I’d be willing to trade resolution for sensitivity for real low light shots. To do this, I’d need much better exposure control.
  • Better usable resolution. 2.1 megapixel is good enough, if that’s the real resolution. If you look at the results, I don’t quite get that. The Foveon sensor might help that, as would more raw resolution.
  • More saturation. It seems that this camera always needs a bit of a boost to the saturation to come close to the picture that I remember.
  • Longer lens. I’d like 300mm, f 2.8, and have it fit in my pocket. I know I’m dreaming there.

Oh yeah, and I want it all in the same digital elph form factor so that I always have it with me.

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