You gotta love a band with a name like Jahlamallawalla.

For some reason I’ve got “They Might Be Giants” (the song, not the band. It’s on Flood. ) running through my head. It’s been happening since the weekend. Good thing it’s on my iTunes….

At long last, it’s springtime. We’ve now had 2.5 wonderful weather days in a row, so I guess that marks the transition. It seems a month or more later than the last few years. I’ve just started getting a bit of gardening in. The cover crop was turned over and dug in a couple of weeks ago, it’s just itching for plantings right about now.

But I’m waiting on a big load of compost and top soil, which in turn is waiting on clearing the area for new raised beds. One bed is complete and roughly in the right place, the other should go together tomorrow night. The beds should be perfect for crops that need a bit of protection from cold or animal pests. I’m planning on strawberries in one, covered by netting (squirrels, birds). The other will probably be tomatoes, then I’ll rotate in zucchini (squirrels like the flowers) next year. If the netting doesn’t work, then I’ll go to wire.

*** Breaking!

Max Headroom is going to be run again. On TechTV. This is the first show in a long time that has made me want a TV. Cable even. So now, what about a DVD? (or something else that I can play on a tibook?)


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