The Greenlake Bar and Grill

The Greenlake Bar and grill does not have Garden burgers on the menu, but will make them if you ask. Comes with a good pile of 1/4″ thin fries. The beer menu is somewhat sparse, 5 taps including Guiness. There is a full bar as well.

I was impressed by the speed which we got our food here, roughly 5 minutes from the time we ordered, faster than I’m used to. The service, however, was somewhat odd. There was confusion between the bartender and the waitress over a blown keg, including getting served the “Ass end” (her words) of the keg, the having the beer taken away ane replaced. The oddness continued from there.

The location is good, and it does have a west facing sidewalk section for those times when you need to eat in the sun.

Greenlake, 1 corner up from Starbucks on the East side.

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