Midwestern Style Gardens.

It’s beginning to be that time around here when neighbors should be on the lookout for suspicious packages of vegatables left on their door steps.

The zucchinis are here. I’ve had them for three nights in a row, and there are two more in the fridge. One was a 2lb monster that doubled in size while we were off riding to Portland. The big one was roasted with goat cheese and mushroom filling, a small one grated into a frittata, and a medium one into udon noodle soup.

This is as many as I got to eat last year. The squirrels kept eating the flowers, and something devoured most of the leaves when the plants were still small. This year I lost 2.5 of the three early plants, so I planted a couple more. The half survived, as did the other two, and this year the squirrels don’t like zucchini flowers.

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