Phasor Setting: Smite

I want a smite key on the keyboard. Next to the LART key. Near the Cluebar. Most sysadmins will agree with me, that what ever I might do is entirely justified. This would be a good birthday present, for those taking notes at home. Unfortunately, I needed it this morning.

This morning I find that someone has made my RAQ an open proxy (could be Sun, could be a cracker, haven’t gotten that far yet). It’s like an open relay, but for web requests. So something like 50 ip addresses out there are using my T1 to anonymously surf porn. 50 big ones, and a score of little fry.

My connection, My machines, My vengence. If there’s any possible excuse for DOSing somone off the net, this is one of them. They fall into two categories. Mostly foreign dialups and ()wn#d cable modem connected computers. I don’t have time to track them down, I just want to shoot first and ask questions later. In the case of the ()wn#d boxes, I’d probably be doing the rest of the net a favor.

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