Corrupt Fonts

I suspect that my Jaguar installation has some corrupt fonts, preferences, or both.

Chimera won’t display or choose about half the fonts in the list, sometimes crashing, sometimes just not displaying the choices. Font inspector panels won’t select some of them and keep reverting to Lucida.

An md5sum of all of the fonts in my /Library/Fonts directory compared with another Jaguar machine only shows some missing, but no sig changes. Some of the sigs are the same, leading me to believe that perhaps I’m not getting the sum of all of the items within folder/file structures.

Any Ideas?


Nicholas Riley writes in that: It’s probably the font cache, not the fonts themselves. Either reboot in OS 9 or in single-user mode and delete the font cache files (all files should include “FCache”).

This appears to have worked to allow all the fonts to be displayed, but it appears that there’s an additional problem in Chimera’s prefs writing system. But that can be fixed by editing the javascript prefs file. (~/Library/Application Support/Chimera/….)

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