Sometimes you just need a break

Sometimes you just need a break but you don’t realize it. The 5 of you who read this site often might have noticed that I haven’t updated in a while. Real Life has taken away desire to write for a while.

Maybe I’ll write some when I’m on vacation. Maybe you’ll just get some pictures of mice with large round ears. Or maybe I’ll manage to avoid that particular photo op.

Maybe I’ll annoy all the entire family by bringing Spaceward Ho! on vacation. I burned far far far too much time on that in college, and now there’s an OSX version. Applicable quote from that time, “Thank god they don’t look up in this town”. That and “Yahaa!”.

Next thing you know, there will be revival Lode Runner, Tetris and Asteroids for OSX. If there is, don’t tell me. For the good of my productivity. For the good of the family.

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