Confirming something that Seattlites have long suspected, July 4 is the wettest day of the month.

Looking at my referrers, a huge percentage of my readers come from Google. I have lots of googlejuice, but a good chunk are coming in to pages that generally aren’t linked by humans. Some of the pages are clearly not useful, especially ones like the ‘Eyes of March’ and ‘Pi day’, and ‘shortest day of the year’ posts. All of these posts were just throwaway one liners, but thousands of people have wound up there. I should go through the logs and see if I can come up with a utility rating of Google’s referrals.
On the subject of Cyveillance – a quick grep shows 520 hits in 2 ways this past week, none before that. This roughly coincides with mentions on Scripting News, although there are a lot more referers mentioned. And I haven’t even been ranting about any content industry lately. I’ve got 2 UA strings for the bot, one showing NT 3.51, and a lot of stupid bot behavior. No requests for robots.txt. Time for a TOS for robots, some tarpits, and some mod_rewrite fun.

I’ve been doing some technomusing about a blogger’s co-op to provide hosting for people who need something more than a hosting account will give them but who can’t justify getting their own dedicated machine. I’m thinking that it would take just a few trusted bloggers to justify the cost of a dedicated server as long as a couple of them could share in the system maintenance and blog tool setup. I’m not sure that it could be a business, as its point is catering to bloggers who aren’t satisfied with the tradeoffs required to make money. I’m not sure of the demand though.

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