Weblogs on KUOW

KUOW, the local big public radio station, is running a show on weblogs (nonpermalink, only good on Thursday 5/15) at 10am PDT today. There are streaming feeds on their site.

Anita is on the radio. It’s a little surreal listening to people I know on the radio. This really feels like a local radio show. A guy with a radio blog on Salon gave his url. (http://blogs.salon.com/0002222/) Lots of numbers. Repeated a couple of times. They (the writer and the host) didn’t really convey what Radio means in that context.

They’ve covered that one of the real killer apps may be reporting on the local political scene. The papers don’t cover it very well, and there are some people who are really tuned into the local scene who could provide that coverage.

They have covered the pictures of cats thing too. They’re looking at audioblogging as a counterpart to radio. blogging:journalisim::audioblogging:radio. Weblogs as a defense of family spam. There’s an army of lunatics armed with cellphones patrolling the city. And they’re going to wind up on the radio.

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