Resume – Eric Soroos

Contact Info

email: my first name at this domain
location: Seattle WA

Employment History

  • IDM Services/Western Clearing Corp – Developer (4/2004 – )

    Designed and built a Transaction Gateway for Credit Card, ACH, and Check21
    transactions, including a web application for merchant control and reporting,
    a Windows desktop application to capture and upload check images from scanners,
    and submission and settlement backend drivers for many upstream providers.
    Wrote parsers and generators for ACH, X9.37, and BAI2 files.

  • Contract Consultant (4/2003 -)

    I do ongoing system administration and special project contracts for clients
    that have an investment in the Userland Frontier platform.

  • Social Ecology – Lead Developer and System Administrator (11/1999 – 4/2003)

    First full time employee, responsible for developing knowledge
    management and email contact relationship management software.
    Released 6 versions of the CRM application, from initial 1.0
    release, through several point releases, to a 2.0 rewrite. Managed
    all network and IT operations for an Application Service Provider,
    including web and email hosting, database services, firewall, DNS,
    and server monitoring.

  • KPFF Consulting Engineers – Design Engineer (8/1997 – 11/1999)

    Civil/Structural engineer (EIT level), responsible for analysis,
    production design and Finite Element Analysis modeling. Most notable
    projects included the Weller Street pedestrian bridge and the
    Evergreen Point floating bridge post-tensioning retrofit.


  • Python – 2 years

    Built a Windows desktop application (using wxPython) to drive check scanners.
    Used Python to build parsers and generators for several banking industry file
    formats: ACH, BAI2, and X9.37. Used Python to submit transactions to upstream
    processors using SOAP or other web services.

  • PHP – 3 years

    Built the Transaction Gateway web interface using PHP. This interface is used
    by Merchants to control all aspects of the transactions that they are sending
    for payment. Technical highlights include an Object/Relational Manager (ORM)
    base object, integration with OCR and Image processing and a generic xml
    web service for sending transactions or querying the system.

  • PostgreSQL – 5 years

    Used PostgreSQL as the data store for the Transaction Gateway. Used stored
    procedures, views, and native permissions to enforce data security. Includes
    column level automatic encryption of data. Ported a contact relationship
    management system from a Frontier native object database to PostgreSQL.

  • Apache – 6 years

    Configured and managed Apache for hosting most of my projects
    over the last few years, relying on proxy, rewrite, ssl, and gzip
    modules. I have recently moved to Lighttpd for resource constrained situations.

  • Userland Frontier / Radio Userland – 7 years

    Experience ranges from static website development to web delivered
    knowledge management and email contact relationship management
    applications. Integrated Frontier-based applications using Manila,
    Mainresponder, and the Website Framework with external components
    using XML-RPC, SOAP, HTTP POST/GET and direct SQL access.

  • Perl – 2 years

    Used Perl to automate the generation of Finite Element Analysis
    models and the post-processing of resulting data. Also used in many
    day-to-day system administration chores at Social Ecology, but
    has not been a primary development language.

  • Linux – 8 years

    Administered Debian Linux for 3.5 years as the primary system administrator for
    Social Ecology. Have continuously operated Linux machines for personal server use since 1999.
    Currently use Debian stable on servers and Ubuntu on the desktop.

  • OSX – 5 years

    My desktop operating system of choice. Deployed as a public web application
    serving platform since version 10.0.

  • Other –

    AJAX, HTML, CSS, XML, Web Services, WSDL, Objective C, Java, Lighttpd/FastCGI


  • MS Civil Engineering – University of Washington
  • BS Civil Engineering – Cornell University

References upon request

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