I need a redesign. I need a long. slow. redesign. (no, not a root canal. had one, it wasn’t that bad. lots of novacaine.)

3 years 6 months, 3 oses, 5 webserver machines, 1 url and 1 design. I’ve added css here and there – removed a column or two from the table structure, flipped the logo over, but nothing terribly noticable.

I’d like it to be CSS, I prefer validation, I want more white space, and it has to work in MSIE4.5/Mac and current modern browsers (Safari, Moz, and IE6/win). IE4.5 is a wierd requirement and may require browser sniffing, but I’m not going to make those 2 readers upgrade. Cause then I’d have to support their new configuration. And I don’t want that.

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