Resurrecting a Cube, Take 2

Trying this again, with feeling this time.

  • New PRAM Battery. No Change
  • ‘reset-nvram’ in Open Firmware. No Change
  • Hitting the CUDA button to reset the power manager. No change
  • Disconnecting the internal drive. Still can’t boot 9.1 on the iPod. I can boot a firewire external 10.3 drive, which I didn’t try before.
  • Trying a fresh install of 10.3 on a (firewire) partition that has never had OSX on it. No change. It seems to have trouble writing the startup disk setting though.
  • Zapping PRAM a bunch of times. No change
  • Tried removing one stick of memory. Left it with only 64 megs, wouldn’t boot at all.
  • Tried removing the other stick, left it with 128 megs and it booted X but not 9.1.
  • Tried blessing the 9.1 system folder. Still nothing.

I have uncovered that the powerlight issue is probably due to something in the manufacture of the computer, as the serial number indicates that there was a fix applied afterwards and models of this age need to be sent to an Apple center to be modified.

I’m pretty sure that the rest of it is due to either bad firmware or a hardware problem, both of which are beyond my skill as a healer. We will have to take this computer to Rivendell.

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