A Romantic Valentine

roses at valentines day

For Valentines day, we had a nice relaxing move out of the living room and halls. All in preparation for a painting and recarpeting spree. It feels so impulsive.

After a bunch of prep, the teal wall is now facing a termination clause.

Before the Paint

The start of the new color with a bit of yellow on the backsplash wall in the kitchen.

One coat of yellow in the kitchen.


First Paint

Pretty soon, all the dirty off whitish walls will be Honey Cream, The stairs will be Ivory, and the other walls will be Sunbaked, Sundrenched, Yellow and off Yellow. We’re having a bit of a sun defecit here, which may be slightly influencing our color selection.

One Painted Wall

There are now two walls with solid color.

Accent Wall, one coat.

Anyway. The teal wall is gone. The little chili peppers in the kitchen are gone. The lion’s claw painted wainscotting in the downstairs hall is gone. A note to ourselves in the future — Not every wall requires a different color.

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