New Plantings

Since it’s spring, its time to start doing things in the garden. This weekend worked out pretty well for the planting thing, but my hands are aching from all the digging.

It started with the removal of 2 Japanese barberry bushes — basically large prickly bushes that are interesting for their reddish foliage and their small thorns that easily poke through good leather gloves. These are the last two that needed to come out, we’ve dealt with all the others over the last few years. Then 3 rose bushes went in. Still prickly, but they should be a lot more visually interesting. And now is the perfect time to be planting them and pruning the other terribly overgrown rose bush.

We also added a row of sweetpeas along the porch railing, and some lemon thyme in front where we killed off a sage plant last summer. And on to the back garden.

In the space where we’ll have tomatoes later this summer, we now have a triple row of sugarsnap & other peas. They will be just about ready to die out from the heat when it’s time to plant the tomatoes. In where the basil will be later, we have spinach. This is all planning on a 2 stage system, where some stuff will be ready to be harvested and pulled in the end of May timeframe, just in time to add the hot weather loving things to the garden.

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