Day one: Still exhausted from the delivery, still amazed at the little guy.
Day two: Slept most of the way through the nigh, figured that the sleep deprivation wouldn’t be too bad. Still no lost clothing to erps or accidents. Wonder what all the fuss about babies and laundry is.
Day three: Scratch one shirt when I didn’t have a spare along, and hmmmm, the little guy doesn’t want to sleep at night. Resolve to sleep when he sleeps if it’s dark out. He doesn’t really like the 95 degree heat wave sans air conditioning either.
Day four: Install air conditioner. He still doesn’t like sleeping between 11pm and 2am. But it’s getting easier to see some patterns.

Day five: Everything takes longer than I expect. 15 minutes to think about getting out the door, more if he gets hungry.
Day six: Huh. He actually slept in those early morning hours when he hasn’t slept before. Reiterate my desire to sleep when he sleeps.

It’s amazing how 9 pounds of baby can completely change the center of your life, influencing everything in it.

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