Some pictures from this weeks weblog meetup. Sorry, no wookies.

Tiger still has some issues for me. Mail.app is still terribly slow reflecting that the status of mail messages has changed, either by showing the new mail notification in the dock for minutes after items have been deleted as spam or not showing the notification when new items come in.

X11.app has some issues with copy and paste, so that pasting from an xterm to aqua sometimes crashes the xterm with a bad atom error message. I’d never seen this before Tiger,and reverting to Panther’s X11.app helps a bit.

widget on the desktop I really like the dashboard, but especially the ‘dev mode’ setting. (see item 2 here) The setting allows you to drag dashboard items off the dashboard layer and into a floating layer above the rest of your windows. I’m using this for an ambient monitor of a server, a green dot if it’s up, red if it’s down. On my bigger display, I’ve got the weather widget shining light or raining on whatever window is under it. Someone should hack this so that the window underneath starts to ripple an run.

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