Server Death

To anwser a few unanswered questions from the last post: Yes, quite a lot of the recovered files where bad. They dropped bits, jpgs look cubist, and mp3s have been invaded by alien noises. Some are ok, will probably be restoring anything that can be restored easily. I’ll recover the text files that I need but blow away the rest. And, I’ll be scripting better backups of everything next time.

And if losing one drive wasn’t enough, I started getting kernel panics when there was only the boot drive in the system. That eliminates the Promise IDE card from being a single point of failure, and leads me to believe that it’s either the processor, motherboard, or memory. None of them are worth any more of my time. Goodbye server, it’s not been a bad run but it’s time to move to something better. RIP Cabbage 2000/10/6 – 2005/7/7

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