Island Update

At the beach

Well, the house in Ballard is almost closed, original date was friday, then it looked like it was going to be put off two weeks(!), now it looks like monday. We’re almost done moving stuff from it and fixing the last of the little issues, like patching up the holes from the baby gate that the buyer doesn’t really want.

Cell phones still don’t really work, the Sprint ones ring and have connections, but the quality is really bad, even when there’s a decent signal, which there isn’t at the house. Despite having bluetooth, apparently the phones that Sprint sells don’t implement any of the useful protocols that would allow things like synching with our macs or changing ringtones. And apparently neither I nor the first three non-advanced technical support people couldn’t figure out that I didn’t order the correct plan that I needed to use the thing as a modem for my laptop. (So, bluetooth — next to useless on the Samsung A920 and the Mac, really don’t bother trying.) We’re almost down to Nextel now for a provider that works at the house, having blown through Tmobile (current), Cingular (shiny razrs), Verizon (by way of someone else’s phone) and Sprint. But Nextel’s data access is about as good as a modem from 15 years ago, so that’s going to be hard to take while waiting for the ferry. And their phones are clunky, expensive, and even less likely to sync than Sprint’s.

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