Now that we’ve moved all the stuff from the old house to the new one, taking one 15 foot truck, one about twice the size, and innumerable car loads I can ssay with confidence:

We have too much stuff.

To a first approximation, that which was in boxes as of a few days ago is basically excess, with some small exceptions. We could live without it, and right now, a lot of it has actively negative value because we have to deal with it, either find a spot for it or get rid of it. That was probably 50% of the stuff.

I’m sure that we’d miss some of it — there’s some kitchen stuff that would be nice that we haven’t found. I can’t bear to part with books, even old engineering ones that I’ll probably never use again. But they’re books…

This is what happens when you go from moving quite often to not moving for seven years. Things that would get left behind somewhere get left in storage in the house. Two old laptops, three old desktops, and that’s just the macs. Hard drives galore, cables, keyboards, 5 dsl modems, and somehting like 10 pounds of power cables. This is the result of being a technological packrat.

Somehow, we’re going to get through it, I just don’t know how.

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