MindCamp Wrapup

So, 24 hours of MindCamp and 48 hours of recovery and catching up with the family later…

This time it had a different feel to me, and that’s at least as much to the different configuration of the space as anything else. The original space was mostly one large room, so generally, at a glance you could see where people were. This time, there were a lot more small spaces and a hall, so it was harder to get the same effect.

There were people there that I wanted to run into, but didn’t. Or, at least, I don’t think I did, but in a few cases, I know that I was in the same room or small crowd, but didn’t put together a weblog name to real name mapping. I would have liked to do a hacking sprint, but didn’t get that through my mind in time to do anything about it.

I wound up in more technical sessions than last time. Contrary to what I said I should do, I went to sessions that I though I’d be interested in, rather than just going to odd ones that were more serendipitous. So I heard about LiveJournal scaling, what Microsoft goes through to do small UI changes, the Kid Programming Language, Image manipulation using functional programming, and Asterisk and VOIP.

I’ve put my pictures on flickr this time, there’s an album of the better ones in this photoset.

Also, I have to thank the good people at Tom Bihn sponsors of the event (or at least donators of cool stuff to the raffle). I came home with a Brain Bag, a nice and overdue replacement for the courier bag that I’ve been using for the last 10 years. I’ve been using the Brain Cell as a small laptop case since I got this machine, and it has served me well.

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