Rails Notes

Once you go past the first 20 minute screencast…

  • On OSX, just install Locomotive. Prior to this, I had installed 2 copies of ghostscript, one extra ruby, two copies of rails, imagemagick, and one copy of libgd in an attempt to do some image manipulation. Locomotive gets it in 2 downloads, one for the base system and one bundle with imagemagick. And it just works, mainly by simply including everything you need in one massive download.
  • Certain actions Just Don’t Work. Like render. Render2, yes. Render_dammit, yes, but it won’t be professional. Guess render’s a reserved word or something.
  • You might expect scaffolding to do something useful when presented with a has_many/belongs_to relationship. (I.e, 1:many). It won’t. And has_one means the other object has one of you, not that you have one of it.
  • Somehow I’ve ended up with [object] and [object]s views. some are populated, some aren’t. But the populated ones were done via scaffolding, and they need to be edited because of the usefulness of the 1:many relationships.
  • We’ll see if it turns out to be less work than PHP or Python. Big wins so far, I didn’t have to choose a python web framework. And once imagemagick is working with ruby, that is quick and painless, far better than I’ve done with php so far.
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