Macbook Encore

So it’s headed back to Apple.

The Macbook didn’t actually come back with a new logic board the last time, and it’s gotten to the point that it won’t stay on for more than a minute or two. This even in firewire mode or booted off of a cd. (not software!). It’s not memory, since swapping the original memory back in gave a shutoff on cue while still on the phone. (thank the demo gods!)

But, due to the lack of power, there’s no good way to make in image of the drive, so if the do decide to replace the hard drive again, I’ll get to do the whole setup thing again.

No clue what they were trying to fix before by replacing the keyboard, bezel, top case and the hard drive, but it wasn’t the problem that I was having.

***Detailed notes

  • 8/21, 4:50 pm, full battery, had been asleep, after blog scan &c. Checked email, turned back to other machine, couple minutes later it was dead.
  • 8/24, 5:34 pm, full battery, had been awake, reading wired article about Woz’s autobiography. Power adapter still showing green. Just heard the hard drive thunk into a parked position.
  • 8/25 8:30 am Charging, 2/5 battery left, after morning troll, just turned off, no thunk. Was about to watch improv everywhere youtube viedo.
  • 8/26 2:45 pm On battery, 64% power left, actively websurfing. Wouldn’t restart (repeated turnoff in 3 sec) without getting power, turned off 5 min later (again) after being logged in for a minute or so. Apps starting up.
  • 8/27 Morning. Many Many times. lasts ~ 2 minutes off of startup cds, 45 sec in FW mode, a few minutes booted normally. Started on power, with full battery after morning blog troll. So bad that it would poweroff before the startup bong. Did reset the power manager. Didn’t change anything. This didn’t help. Also did it with the original memory in the system.
  • 8/28 Morning, wouldn’t stay running under firewire mode or rescue cd.
  • 8/29 Managed to backup drive twice, once via firewire, once via rescue cd. Both time starting up with the ‘hold down the power button’ method. Back to apple.
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