Another Link Dump

  • Pageless scrolling for large datasets, Demo
  • Massive Blimplike thing. This sounds like something out of Snowcrash or Diamond Age. In that “Delivering something halfway around the world for 5 cents and helping the invisible hand” sort of way.
  • Physical->Virtual machine converter. I’ve wanted this for a long time to do a functional backup of my windows box. And now VMWare is (for now) giving it away. The price for doing this sort of thing was about $100/machine the last time I checked, priced for the corporate it types, not the low budget ones.
  • New version of Moo.fx, a light weight javascript library that now looks like it can do everythign that Iw as doing with scripticaulous, but at a lighter weight download. It’s doog for pages where people tend to refresh often to get new data but you’d rather not have them grabbing 100k of javascript everytine they do it.
  • Mochikit Animator looks interesting.
  • Dojo Chart Engine. No safari support. But I could use a graphing module, and I’m not finding ones that I like on the serverside.
  • This chickpea curry is really good.
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