2006, Pictures, In Review.

Inspired by Ted Leung, I’ve gone through the year and grabbed one (or a couple twos) from each month that stand out.

I’ve loved this shot ever since I stumbled upon it last January. It seems very dynamic for a sleeping cat, and what would a year be without a cat picture to start it off.
Dougal - January

February brought Northern Voice/MooseCamp/Photocamp and this shot from the 30 somethingth floor of the hotel.
Looking down

March was a trip to the UK, and many family holiday snaps. This was on the ferry from Belfast to Scotland.
boy, on the ferry

April was the beginning of berry season at the house, and I got some new closeup filters for taking really closeup pictures of them.

May was Mindcamp 2.0.
Sparky of Borg

June was, as all junes are really, the time for the Fremont Solstice Parade.
A tree, or an ent, or something

Also in June, I took one of my favorite pictures of the boy ever.
Wide Eyed

July was a trip out to Iowa for my family. Many portraits of family, and hot air balloons.
Hot Air

And another one of those ‘too cute to pass up’ pictures of the boy, this one at the county fair.
Big Wheel

August we went to the coffee shop, and Ben started drinking steamed milk.

September, the boy is getting more independent. We’ve picked blackberries, apples, huckleberries. It’s a sweet world in September.
Walking Away

October was a visit from Rose’s parents, a transplantation of this site, and yet one more cute picture of the boy, one of the few using an on camera flash.
Am I too blue?

November was another Mindcamp, the beginning of my Strobist flash lighting journey, but really we remember it as the beginning of the nasty weather and power outages.
Snowy and Cold

December was a visit from my parents for christmas and the ever increasing belly. Photographically, it’s where I really started using off camera lighting.
The Belly

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